Sr. UX Designer
Engagement Strategist
VR, AR Consultant

Currently working with Digital Innovation & Consumer Experience (DICE) group at Jefferson Health in Philadelphia

Proud member of VR/AR Association

For a decade, I've been partnering with leaders to improve the quality of life for their customers and communities by designing memorable experiences and products.

At every turn, companies have opportunities to connect with consumers by offering quality experiences that fill their lives with delight and empower them to engage in the relationships and activities they care about.

Areas of focus:
- Developing interactive platforms
- (Sustainable) Engagement strategy
- Management for interactive project teams
- User experience (UX) design
- Information architecture (IA)
- User interface (UI) design
- Voice Interface Design (VUI for IVR)
- Teaching healthcare professionals about Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality (AR, VR, XR)
- user research
- front-end web development
- data-visualization
- collaboration with compassionate and talented innovators

I enjoy working with people, companies, and organizations committed social good.

Over the years I have discovered that storytelling & empathy is at the heart of impactful User Experience design. Crafting a memorable experience requires the courage to explore difficult questions and patience to develop a creative strategy.

Whenever possible, I embrace agile methodology and thrive when working with small teams. 

I've learned to embrace challenges and strongly believe in gaining feedback, prototyping and testing early and often to realize the potential of an idea.

I hold fast to the idea that collaboration and empowering others is more important than self-assertion or rugged competition. My goal is to develop thoughtful media tools that influence society and create a positive impact.