What is the price of inaction?

Business leaders must move from data-driven to experience driven service models. Embodiment of story and message will soon be the norm.

Let’s meet and discern how these emerging realities may
be relevant to your industry and business’ needs.



Terms that are slowly becoming more familiar in everyday conversation and cinema.



AR Augmented Reality
VR Virtual Reality
MR somewhere in between; blended

XR all of the above


I'm based in Philadelphia and support business leaders and remote teams around the world.


Together, we'll discern how to best leverage this technology to scale and evolve with shifting landscapes of customer needs. We'll position content that resonates with your audience, demonstrating an effort to connect with your customers.

Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses

On the regular, I meet with business leaders who have a product idea and are discerning what it will take to build and get to market.

Scientists & Researchers

XR technology has many form factors and implementation nuances. I have experience working with folks from scientific and medical backgrounds to practically engage with this technology using product planning methodology.

Examples how XR technology delivering value across industries.


Did you know that Volkswagen is now starting to use VR to train employees? - this new method cuts down on travel, materials and increases memory recall capacity.

Check it out

XR & Learning

Virtual Reality is already gaining wide-spread acceptance as a more potent tool for education.
Forbes article


WebVR is becoming a thing.

Soon our expectations of the web will be immersive.

"Why does my business need a website?"

This was a question business leaders began to ask marketers in the late 90s.
Now a strong web presence is baseline for any legitimate business.

XR technology is quickly being woven into the fabric our our businesses, education and social connection.
Our expectations around engagement of media and content will forever be altered by the emergence of this technology.